NaPoWriMo 2019 – Poem #3

From the vibrance of youth,
two people captivated by each other.
Goddess to his atheism.
Beauty to his beast.

A pastor’s daughter,
brought up by the morals of the belt.
A son, too perfect,
result of a mother’s pride wrought to extreme.

She wished for freedom.
In him, found escape.
He desired attention.
In her, found something to possess.

A marriage of worlds
apart, so different,
a union made too young-
hasty rebellion of the naïve.

Children raising children.
Schooling left undone.
His love grew sour,
like the beer on his tongue

Teens becoming parents too soon,
they barely made ends meet.
Late nights at work bred suspicion,
jealousy, and rage – forcing love to retreat.

But unhappy homes,
breed unhappy children.
One rebellious like her parents.
One striving to please a father unbending.

After the children were raised,
only bitterness and resentment remained.
A husband. A wife.
A literal ball that’s been chained.

She wishes to go.
He wants her to stay.
Before they decide a grandchild is born,
and through neglect, nearly taken away.

Together, as grandparents, they swoop in
to give the baby girl a home.
So much for happiness,
duty makes sure that no one is left alone.

Through her childhood
this girl would not see
the love lacked between them-
the coldness buried deep.

They were both there for her
in their own way,
but rarely together,
unless with family or on special days.

Over the years,
bitterness passed down.
Son and daughter
too young had died.
Now granddaughter is all that’s left
to bridge the divide.

NOTE: This poem is inspired by the prompt for Day #1 – write a poem that involves a story or action that unfolds over an appreciable length of time.

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