NaPoWriMo – Poem #8

Weaver of Words, Work Thy Magic!

Set the desk with ink and quill
Prepare the parchment and work your will

Light a candle, let inspiration spark
Be ready to weave your words at first dark

Now, chant this invocation:

Muses hear me, in the night
Guide my pen, ease my plight

Spin my sonnet like a spell
Drawing ink, I conjure from this well

Let my lyrics lure the reader
Entwining verse, refrain, rhyme, and meter

Hypnotic haiku that intrigue the soul
Enchanting elegies that lament and console

Sing me odes to overwhelm the senses
And whisper limericks with no pretenses

Ballads that bewitch and beguile
Followed by epics that go on a long while

When at last the ink has run dry
And the first sign of light is drawing nigh

May inspiration cease and silence swell
Sleep now Calliope, Erato, Thalia, and Euterpe as well
As light sheds the veil, thus endeth our spell!

Please Note: This poem is inspired by the Day 8 prompt from – to write poems in which mysterious and magical things occur.

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