About the Writer

S.T. Marie is a combination of my initials and middle name. So, in case you were wondering…no, I am not a Saint. I’d venture to say that I’m rather far from it. I’ve been inspired to write all of my life – whether it’s journal pages, poetry, ramblings, short stories, blog posts, or fiction. In college I had a lovely professor who continued to tell me that I was a poet at heart. I’m still not sure that she was correct, but I’m revisiting poetry more lately because I’ve been stuck on my fiction writing. Whatever prompted you to visit my page – Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time and reading some of my drivel. Hopefully, you find some scrap that evokes a feeling or an inspiration for yourself. Happy writing and happy reading!

Image Credit: Often attributed as the poetess Sappho – this Fresco showing a woman holding writing implements is housed at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples.

2 thoughts on “About the Writer”

  1. I went looking for a poem on being a dreamer and ran across your writings. I became entranced in your “drivel”. I can relate to a great deal of it.

    Please keep writing!


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