NaPoWriMo – Poem #14

The Rowboat of Your Dreams

Row, Row, Row
Unless your boat is on the land
A boat without water is like a train with no track
Perhaps you are on the wrong path?

Row, Row, Row
Unless your boat has no oars
A boat with no oars is like a car with no gas
You must lack the proper tools to move forward.

Row, Row, Row
Unless your boat has but one oar
A rowboat with one oar cannot be a canoe
Repeating the same action will not get a different result.

Row, Row, Row
Unless you are moving against the waves
The current is flowing opposite your direction
Perhaps you are trying too hard to get where you want to go?

Row, Row, Row
Alas, you have water, good weather, and two oars
Gliding forward with positive momentum
You must be on the right path!

Note: This poem is inspired by the prompt for Day 14, from – to write entries for an imaginary dream dictionary.

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